March 25, 2008

Banning Bottled Water

"First San Francisco banned it. Then Chicago started taxing it. Now, the city of Seattle is taking action against bottled water; last week, Mayor Greg Nickels signed an executive order to stop the city from buying bottled water....

"The people of Seattle own one of the best water supplies in the country, every bit as good as bottled water and available at a fraction of the price. When you add up the tremendous environmental costs of disposable plastic bottles clogging our landfills, the better choice is crystal clear."

Excerpts taken from here.

Scott mentioned Seattle's news to me over the weekend. I'd never taken much time to think about it, but bottled water is entirely wasteful – at least in cities where there is clean tap water available for FREE. Even filtering your own tap water is much better. The energy it takes to create the bottles, the shipping of the bottles, and the end waste are just silly.

I don't drink much of it to begin with, but I'm done with bottled water. Just ask for a cup and fill it at the nearest drinking fountain. I'm willing to endure occasionally funky-tasting H20.

How about you?


Kiersten said...

Hi Sarah!
Firstly- occasional funky tasting water is def worth it, but I also wanted to let you know about a cool website:

It's really comprehensive, green, informative, and fun!

Kiersten said...

.... and I think you'd like it.

It's especially informative for comparing the presidential candidates and their green initiatives. Which is perfect after our political discussion this weekend ;)

Bill said...

I usually carry the Nalgene around places when I physically can.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!!!
I don't often respond to your blog but I have to comment on this one!
Bottled water is very wasteful, yep, the whole process and then the waste!
At home we've gone from bottles to delivery to a filter on the tap. St. Louis has good water, thank goodness.
And on the topic of not drinking much of it anyway...YIKES!
The amount we should drink varies from expert to expert but if you drink at least 64oz each day I guarantee that you will be healthier inside and out. It's also helpful in maintaining or even in losing weight and your skin will be gorgeous, dahling!!
Your kidneys and bladder will be happier too. : )
So go have a big glass of water right now--Cheers!

Sarah Erin said...

Silly Peggy! I drink 64oz. of water a day – I always attempt to finish the 64 oz. by the end of the work day. Anything after that is extra (a tip I got from Suzanne).

I simply meant that I don't drink BOTTLED water very much.

: )

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooooo relieved to hear that!!
I got a little worried.

Here's another tip: Some "experts" say to drink half your weight everyday. 130lbs should drink 65oz.