February 13, 2008

Cupcake Love.

Apparently, love = food.

Valentine's week was all about cooking food and eating food with the people I love.

First, Maggie and I had a cupcake bake-off, which really just means Wednesday we baked cupcakes together. She found this very cute recipe (and yes, I mean cute – just look at the pictures on the blog) for Lavender Fairy Cupcakes.

Here's Maggs' version:

So yummy! I've never eaten anything lavender before – in fact I really associate lavendar with Becca's lavender foot scrub. Nevertheless, the unique honey/lavendar combo was perfect.

Annnd I made brownies (in the shape of cupcakes) to take to work. I couldn't resist playing more with this whole stencil and powdered sugar decorating technique:

I used this recipe (and took Athena's advice to only use one egg), and I used this as decorating inspiration. Both recipes found via tastespotting. I don't think I'll return to the boxed-brownie mix again after realizing how easy and tasty homemade brownies are.

I ate a lot less than I expected I would eat. But I'm still not going to tell you how many that is.

Did I mention I started going to the gym last week?

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Athena said...

I'm glad you liked the recipe and your results look delicious. Cheers.