February 10, 2008

Tick Tock

It's all about the details with this whole decorating-my-room thing. I'm taking great care to find just what I want, and I usually find it for a great price.

I love the hunt. I think I got that from The Mom : )

Next thing on the list was a cool alarm clock.
Here's a round-up of my favorites.

Circular Saw Blade, $29 @ IMOTIME's Etsy Shop.
This one was featured on the Etsy home page last week.
It got me started on this whole why-have-an-ugly-digital-alarm-clock thing. Especially when many of these are less expensive than buying your average new clock.

Big Ben Westclox, $35 @ whiteelephantvintage's Etsy Shop.
Mmm the type makes me happy. Similar to the next one...

Big Ben Vintage Alarm Clock, $14 @ EmilyLynch's Etsy Shop.
Classic and beautiful. Nice photograph in itself, really.
This little shop has some gems!

Travel Alarm Flip Clock, $20 @ whiteelephantvintage's Etsy Shop.
I do love the daintiness...

Vintage Electric Alarm Clock, $10 @ VintageLumineaux's Etsy Shop.
How delightfully retro.

Slow Down Amber Street Clock, $30 @ IMOTIME's Etsy Shop.
This one is made from a street light cover.
This guy makes clocks out of everything.

Can you guess which one I had to have the most?

[all images taken directly from sellers' Etsy Shops]


Anonymous said...

No, but hope you are going to let us know right away.

Love Ya. G. Peggy

Thanks for the kind thoughts on my last blog. You warm my heart.

diverted said...

i think I've had every one of those alarm clocks at one time or another...except the saw blade. maybe i need that next.

divertd said...

watch out what you call "vintage"

eric said...

woo hoo!!

thanks so much!!

i am imotime