February 4, 2008


Pandora is amazing. You create an account for free, without downloading anything. Tell it some songs you like. It plays those songs and more like it. You give each song a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, and it learns exactly what kind of music you love. It gets smarter the more feedback you give it, and then you fall in love with Pandora for introducing you to new great stuff.

[Screen grab from my Pandora account]

The website explains, "It's powered by the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken, the Music Genome Project: a crazy project started back in early 2000 to capture the complex musical DNA of songs using a large team of highly-trained musicians."


So I know it's been around for a while, but I only grew to appreciate it after using it at work. I kept forgetting to bring my music in, and so I forced my Pandora to learn my music taste.

I added a little Pandora section at the bottom right column of my blog (Marielle showed me how, thanks!). It'll show you a few of my favorite songs – you can click on the titles and the link will take you to a page where you can listen to a sample clip.

Yay tunes!


Bill said...

Funny you should mention it! I did the same thing at work last week (forgetting my music) and went on to Pandora for the first time in ages. Its fun!

Lucia said...

Thanks Sarah! It's great to read that you're enjoying Pandora and that it's getting you through your workday.

You and I have similar tastes -- I went to both a Kate Nash and an Ingrid Michaelson concert within the last two weeks. ;)

Lucia @ Pandora