February 2, 2008

Home Favorites

The dogs. Bruce and Robyn (aka Batman & Robin). Maggie's pups are the cutest little dogs I have ever seen. I've always grown up with big dogs (a lab and a golden), and I always hated little tiny dogs. But how can you resist these guys?? They don't even yap! And look, Bruce crossed his legs for the photoshoot (I promise I had nothing to do with it). He's such a little old wise man.

Flowers. I love treating myself to flowers. I'm very attracted to monochromatic bouquets – especially white.

Maggie's orange sticks. Random, but fun. All about the little touches.

Doe Rae Me! One of my favorite presents this Christmas. Tuesday night wings and buckhunter will always be with me, or at least perched on top of my art books. Thanks Maggie : )

Our refrigerator decorations. Our white board came with two circle magnets, and every few nights I come home and Maggie has drawn a new creature, using the magnets as eyes. This week, she encountered the evil stork at work, which inspired this lovely illustration.

I just realized I sound a little obsessed with Maggie.
Hey man, she's a cool-dude roomie!

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