January 24, 2008

Song of the Week: Yael Naim.

New Soul by Yael Naim. And all music by Yael Naim.

I love when she paints on the painting : )

Thank you Apple, for putting this song in your new MacBook Air commercial for all of us to enjoy.


Courtney said...

i love that song, commercial, and want that computer soooo badly

diverted said...

thanks for tracking this down for me. every time the mac commercial comes on, i say to Peggy, "i love that song."

Courtney can have the computer, though.

diverted said...

EXTREME creativity in the video! I think that is my favorite music video of all time!

Sarah Erin said...

I'll want the computer when they come out with the next version of it. I can't really understand why you'd want a computer without a disc drive. Although I guess I don't use mine thaaat much...


And Dad, I'm glad I could dig up the song for ya. The whole album is fantastic! The music video was a pleasant surprise, too, because it's so whimsical.