January 28, 2008

Photo Expeditions

My dad bought me my first serious camera when I was in third grade. I would fly to visit him one weekend a month, and he would take me on what we called "photo expeditions."

We would take our cameras and go some place. Any place. It was usually a pretty casual walk somewhere at a nearby park. We rarely picked any specific subject (sometimes it was "shadows"), but we would just stroll side-by-side and take pictures of whatever we could find.

We crept along for an hour or two, snapping away. We did that in parks around St. Louis, Minnesota, cross-country (through Kansas, Colorado, Nevada), in Japan, in Costa Rica, New Orleans and on.

I'm a lucky kid.

I loved those photo expeditions. And so I keep doing them. I don't think I've ever done anything with any of the photos – I'm not even sure any were that great. It was just about the experience.

These pictures are from my walk with Scott around Newark a couple weeks ago.

Just wanted to share.

Thanks Dad : )


Anonymous said...

Very nice.
The world around us is so incredible.

Yes, you are a lucky kid, and my son's pretty lucky too.

And of course, you are one of the reasons I consider myself "blessed" also.

Love Ya. G. Peggy

Anonymous said...

Nice post.

Hang on to those memories for ever!!!

Uncle Curt

Anonymous said...

Could those photo expeditions bring to mind the feelings of "joy" that G. Peggy encouraged us to remember??

What a great experience(s) to have with your dad!

Curt is correct, memories to hang on to and more to create as you continue your journey...


diverted said...

aaahhh. those were good times. thanks for remembering them all. you've turned into a pretty fine photographer...and friend.

Sarah Erin said...

I'm glad the family enjoyed that post! It was straight from the heart : )

Dad, I'd say we're due for another photo expedition before too long. I need more S's!