January 13, 2008

Matt Stuart Shoots People

This guy makes me want to be a photographer – I want to carry my camera with me and have it ready wherever I go. Every photograph makes me smile.

And I wish I could say the title of this post is original, but I stole it from his website. A clever guy, this Matt Stuart.

[images from mattstuart.com]


Scott Zero said...

The one of the face in the paper towel dispenser reminds me of something I saw of a collection of pictures of things that look like faces.

Very cool.

Sue said...

i couldn't see the third one with the goose and the leaf... its like the curse of not seeing the picture in a magic eye or something. what's it supposed to be?

Sarah Erin said...

Hi friends : )

Sue – the shape of the leave mimics the shape of the goose's webbed foot. I know just how you feel because I didn't get a few of the ones on his site! Haha maybe he just sticks a few random ones in there with no "aha" quality,just to make you feel like you're missing out.

Zana said...

Thanks for the link Sarah ! You're right, his portfolio is fun !