December 19, 2007

The Gift of Giving

Stealing this one straight-up from ML of Shocking Pink Subverter.

At work we've been getting baskets and baskets of goodies from vendors. While the treats are certainly nice for the first basket or two... or three... they start to get a little excessive even to those of us who LOVE our dark chocolate.

So ML emailed me this afternoon to tell me about this one vendor who sent her department a link to this website, APS Giving Back. The website is full of charities, and they allow you – the gift receiver – to choose what charities you want to donate to.

Not only is it a wonderful idea to let the recipient give the gift, but the website itself is beautiful, and the Christmas music is completely charming.

What I can't figure out is how you can give this gift (the website and "charity gift certificate" if you will). Can anyone figure that out from the site? I guess you could just click the help button and send an email... Let me know if you figure it out! Or maybe it's just what this one company does for their gifts, and it's their own website.

Check it out!

[Edit: APS is the vendor, it's their website, and they give out "budgets" as gifts. Sorry for the confusion! It's not open for anyone to sign up for. Thanks for the clarification ML!]


ML said...

Sorry, I guess that wasn't explained very well. My bad!

APS is one company, that set up the site for themselves. They sent an email to each gift recipient, who follows a link and enters their email address.

This logs you in, and your "budget" is automatically generated.

So basically it only works if you are invited to it.

Sorry to disappoint anyone! :)

Sarah Erin said...

Ahh I see. I understood the budget part, but I didn't realize that only their company did it.

ML, want to start a company with me where people can purchase a budget/gift certificate to a website like this one and give it to whoever they want? Ha : )

ML said...


Blessed said...

Dearest Granddaughter:

Sounds like you and ml are on to something!

You know how that whole idea appeals to me....

And believe me come January 1, it's always a whole lot better feeling to have been a part of something bigger than youself, instead of being a bigger self! :)

Can hardly wait until Saturday.

Be extra safe and happy! Love, G. Peggy

diverted said...

sarah, actually, that is a great idea! APS has a wonderful idea, and so do you. Team up with a friend who can do the website programming, ( I think you already know someone who can do the design), and you've got something great! GO for it. Really.

diverted said...

clarifying...what i was thinking, but didn't write down, AND ML! could team up with a friend...