December 16, 2007

The Sunday Soup #1

Right before I moved, my mom taught me her soup lesson (which she calls "The Soup Kitchen") because I knew nothing about cooking soup. It's usually pretty cheap to make, and easy to make large quantities – perfect for freezing in single-serving tupperware so I can take it to work for lunch. Yummy!

So I declared that I was going to make a huge batch of soup every Sunday once I got settled, and now that I've actually stuck to it for three weeks in a row, I give myself permission to bloggit. I'm just that cool.

Please note how the soup matches my blog colors:

Whiskey Jack's White Chili
[There's no whiskey, but apparently it's from a restaurant called Whiskey Jack]

2 16-oz. cans white beans
1/2 lb. cooked, diced chicken breast
1 1/2 t. olive oil
1 medium onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
4 oz. can chopped green chilies
1 16 oz. can chicken broth
1 t. cumin
1 t. oregano
1/4 t. ground cloves
1/8 t. cayenne pepper
2 c. shredded Monterey Jack cheese
3 T. sour cream

• In stock pot, heat oil and sauté onions for two minutes
• Drain and rinse beans
• Add everything except cheese and sour cream to the pot
• Use masher or back of a large spoon to mush up the beans
• Simmer for 20 minutes
• Add one cup of the cheese and whisk until cheese is melted*
• Ladle into bowls
• Garnish with oyster crackers, remaining cheese, and sour cream

*Note from the mom: after adding dairy to your soup (cheese, sour cream, milk, cream – anything), don't bring it to a boil again, or it will separate and ruin the texture. So if you are trying to cook it down and let water evaporate, it's best to do that before you add your dairy.

Enjoy : ) Hopefully I'll be back next Sunday with a new soup!

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