December 15, 2007

A Nor'easter is Coming!

I used to think a Nor'easter was a fancy way of saying "a person from the north east." After a few nasty ice storms in Delaware, I learned that this was not the case.

What do you mean, a nor'easter is coming? Aren't we surrounded by them? Why is there such a fuss whenever a nor'easter is arriving?

I'll get to the point... I neglected my fabulous blog date today because I was running around trying to squeeze in weekend errands all on Saturday, before this big storm hits Baltimore tomorrow : ) [THANK YOU SCOTT!!]

Most errands included buying things for my new room! I got all of my inspiration from Oh Joy! I absolutely love her style, and the things she finds to post. I've gotten so many ideas for decorating through her blogs tagged "my house is my home."

Her bedroom (pictured, from her blog) was featured in Domino Magazine's decorating contest, and I'm aiming for a bedroom with a similar style, but with my own twist. Whaddya think?


Blessed said...

Love it!

Good to have you posting again

Sarah Erin said...

Thanks : ) I'm glad to be posting again!