December 24, 2007

Newsprint Wrapping

My lovely roommate Maggie mentioned having read an article about how wasteful wrapping paper is. We buy all this paper only to throw it away a few days later (or, for us procrastinators, we wrap it only minutes before it's ripped off and tossed out).

So this year I decided to use old newspaper, and I made bows out of old paper grocery bags. It saved me money, and it was fun to pick out which news sections to use for which presents.

To make the bows, I simply cut 10" long x 1/2" wide strips from a white paper grocery bag from our local market (haven't yet bought those baggu bags, but I will ASAP!), and looped them all together to make quirky little bows.

Quick and easy and full of personality! A simple thing to add to your list of easy ways to be more green.


miss maggie said...

yay. love it! and of course, yours look oh so trendy and pretty. mine involve the sunday comics, so i can only wrap maybe one present a week till i gather enough newspapers!

Bill said...

My uncle has always used the Sunday comics. He starts saving them a few months before so that he has enough. Its cool getting gifts wrapped in color comics.

Anonymous said...

Another great paper to use for gifts...old road maps and shipping paper!