November 11, 2007

Accidental Color Coordination

I took a picture of my bulletin bored at home before packing everything up, because I loved the way I'd arranged things on it over time. I never planned the color coordination, but it just so happened that the things I collected for it happened to all match. I love happy accidents. These colors will be the inspiration behind my new bedroom design and color.

So what is all this junk? Counterclockwise-ish:

- Wobbly Hawaiian Doll (got it for my 16th birthday)
- Latvie (wooden picture holder from Prague)
- Wooden hand (from the tate modern in London)
- Ceramic bowl (made in high school)
- Glass top from Uncle Jack (gloriously random xmas present-giver)
- Antique saltine cracker box (from estate sale with mom)
- Framed S
- Original "Make Beats Not War" silkscreen print
- Rulers
- Magnetic lion from Santa
- S steak brand from Sedona, AZ
- Another toy from Santa
- Random brown bag with red sharpie written "THURSDAY"
- Venetian mask from Becca
- Alan Fletcher postcard from Tara in London
- Italian postcard from Billiam
- Caesar Rodney postcard found in our attic
- "I'm a Schnucks Kid" sticker
- Fortune from fortune cookie
- Another Alan Fletcher postcard (from Steph)
- Ladybug perforator (so nifty!)
- Photobooth pics of Scott and I from the St. Louis City Museum
- Red button (in baggie)
- Will Corr's business card
- Red Anvil's business card
- Contact sheet from fisheye pics
- My beloved professional paper cutter (I highly recommend investing in one!!) it saved me many hours in school!
- Postcard from Franny and paper sample

I love this odd collection.

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