October 24, 2007

Sarah News!

I am happy to say that I have accepted a design job at Under Armour in Baltimore!

I start Nov.12 and will drive out there sometime before the 12th to live in temporary housing for the first month, so kindly provided by my lovely employer (fancy!).

November will be exciting, busy, and a tiny bit scary! My 23rd birthday, my first real job, my first apartment search (except for the ever-so-"quaint" ^TCBY last year), buying furniture... you know, being a real adult. A young one, at least : )

Baltimore, I think you hear me coming.


Zana Fauzi said...

Congratulations ! I bet your job and your to-be apartment would be really cool.

ML said...

obviously we both know how excited we both are about this...

just wanted to post my first comment

& let you know that i picked up on your fantastic slogan play in the post


Blessed said...

My dear Granddaughter:

How wonderful...I hope they know how fortunate they are to have you come to work for them. As your Grandmother I could write ahead and tell them! : )

But, I'm quite sure that they will soon discover this for themselves.

I think you made a very wise choice.

My love and my prayers will proceed you..and then continue to be with you in this new, exciting time in your life!

BS&BH, Love, forever and beyond. G. Peggy

Sarah Erin said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Zana, I can't wait to decorate my apartment! What a fun thing to get to do!

ML, I'm honored to be the recipient of your first comment. Glad you picked up on my sneaky little tribute. So psyched!

Grandma, you are so good to me : ) I think I made a wise choice, too! Maybe you can come and visit once I'm all settled in. You would love the harbor! And the aquarium, too!

IMAZERO said...

wishing you the very best!

Sarah Erin said...

Thanks Mama Zero! Hope I'll see you soon, perhaps over Thanksgiving!