October 28, 2007


How appropriate that I stumbled upon Thule Trail tonight, after I started google-mapping my upcoming roadtrip and move to Baltimore. Thule Trail is a modern-day Oregon Trail game, in the form of a roadtrip. I'm loving the ridiculous comments.

For example, after getting stuck behind some sheep in the middle of the road:

I highly recommend choosing the names of a few friends when you start the game – it makes the comments all the more entertaining. (Sorry Bill Bill):

Kiersten, you would. Ha-ha. Worth the laughs if you have a few spare minutes : ) I miss all my abroad buddies! Can't wait to have you back in the states this spring.


Bill said...

HAHAHAHA. How appropriate.

Sarah Erin said...

: ) You're a good sport, stinky.

Did you notice the green clouds coming from the car? haha

Robyn said...

i can't believe how appropriate both the bill and kiersten comments were.
the game must be psychic.

i love you all.

Kiersten said...

HAHA! That totally made me laugh out loud in the ciber café, ohhh god, I would, I would...

thanks sarah! :)

Sarah Erin said...

No prob bob. Glad it made you guys laugh : )