October 4, 2007

October Weather

This is not a map of the tree colors changing. This is the map of our fall weather.

So I don't know about you, but I find this terrifying. In St. Louis, this week's weather is full of high 80ºFs and 90ºFs. So much for a crisp October. This is not okay.

Last January, when it was 70ºF in New York, I thought it was just a fluke. There's no way all this global warming is kicking in already.

It is.

It scares me that I hear people (including meteorologists on tv!) say "Oh this is so pleasant!" and "What a nice change!"

If the average temperature keeps rising this fast annually, it's going to be 150ºF in October in my lifetime. So what is it going to be like in August? And what is it going to be like in Phoenix?

When are more people in charge going to start believing in this, recognizing it as a major issue, and doing something about it? Because it's already happening.

Go turn out some lights, unplug your unused power cords, and try to walk some place you can avoid driving today. It's the least you can do : )

Thanks for reading. I hope, at the very least, you take it all a little more seriously, and that you'll take some kind of action today!

[image from accuweather.com]


Sarah Erin said...

Excerpt from article published in the New York Times today, A Swiftly Melting Planet:

"The Arctic ice cap melted this summer at a shocking pace, disappearing at a far higher rate than predicted by even the most pessimistic experts in global warming."

Click here for full article

Blessed said...

Dear Granddaughter:

Please keep up the good work of urging all of us to do our part...as seemingly insignificant as it seems at times. So often the problem is so overwhelming, we tend to believe that anything we would do really wouldn't matter anyway. You have a way of encouraging us that breaks down that resistence.

Love ya for it!

BS&BH, G. Peggy

recycled android said...

here in Az the summer wasn't so bad it had its high days. but the winters aren't as cold as they used to be.

its sad to think that global warming is happening and people just dont seem to care. i think about Az weather all the time and im sure its going to get to the point that we cant even go outside no more cause its so hot...

i always imagine death valley in Az.

Sarah with an H said...

Thank you thank you for your comments!

I agree, Peggy, sometimes the task ahead is daunting. We really need the big whigs to step in and take charge with these matters, but in the meantime, we should all do what we can!

I think this issue may have to become a weekly topic with tips in the ol' bloggity blog.