October 3, 2007

Junk Mail Revenge

I'll start this one off by saying I know everyone won't approve of this idea (it rivals the fake parking tickets - but this isn't as much of a personal attack). However, I find it pretty funny (and not as creepy), so here it goes.

I heard my stepdad crinkling up newspapers and I had to ask what he was doing.

"It's my hobby," he replied, "All junk mail credit card applications include a self-addressed envelope with a postage-paid stamp on them. So I roll up a couple pages of old newspapers and stuff them in the envelope, and I make sure it's as stuffed as it'll get."

So the credit card companies have to pay about $1 for every one he sends back.

Oh yes, he puts the return address sticker on there every time, hoping maybe some day they'll take him off the mailing list.

But they never do.


Edit: Ok thanks to Haley's comment, I can't resist adding this photo to this post. Howies approves of the junk mail revenge, too. Theirs is hilarious. They also mention earth-friendly reasons for making such a statement, which I neglected to mention before.

"Last year in America there were 52 billion pieces of junk mail sent out to people. When you start to think about numbers like that, you can get a sense of how many trees are being cut down for little or no reason."

Here's one of their suggestions:

I do wonder, though, does the post office really let you drop this off?!
Please try it and let me know. Thanks.


Greg said...

that's amazing....

Scott Zero said...

haha that is great

My name's Haley said...

Howies tells you to do this too. You should see what they send back though. Cracks me up.

Sarah Erin said...

hahhahahhaha I LOVE it. I think I have to add that to this post right now. Thanks Haley.

My name's Haley said...

absolutely amazing.

Blessed said...

I don't know if it is so much a matter of revenge as it is just trying to get some one to listen to us.."don't send me this stuff anymore"!

Can be very frustrating to have a handfull of this junk in the mailbox every day!

Maybe this would really work.

Do you think that tire was really delivered?