October 30, 2007

The Handmade Pledge

Visit BuyHandmade.org to pledge to buy all handmade gifts this holiday season! The site is full of suggestions for places to buy such things. My favorite, of course, is Etsy. Not only would you be supporting artists directly, but you'd also save yourself the trouble of fighting the holiday shopping crowds! Plus, it's easy! On Etsy, you can just enter a few key words, and it'll give you ideas. Got a friend who collects the letter "s?" Just type in "s" in the search bar! Who knows what you'll find! Order online, and it'll arrive on your doorstep in a few days. Easy peesie.

My pledge is that all of my gifts will either be handmade, or help make the world a little bit better place (example: baggu reusable shopping bags, which actually happen to be directly from the artist, it seems...).

Please consider doing the same! Hopefully you'll at least buy a few handmade gifts.

[Oh and this reminds me, I will soon post about our Christmas tradition on my dad's side of the family – don't let me forget!]


rewired said...

When I was in college and then starting out in my career I always made gifts for my family. I've made blouses, tops, skirts, vests even a western shirt for my dad!! Sometimes I made neckties and scarves! HaHa...this brings back fun and meaningful memories for me. Thanks for the nudge into Christmas past.

Sarah Erin said...

Awesome! Yes, making them yourself is great too (although I originally meant to buy stuff directly from artists who handmade it themselves)!

I may be making some of my presents this year if I have enough time!

Robyn said...

I think everything I buy will have to be handmade... from the downtown outdoor market in Freetown!

Although I found original artistry here is quite hard to find. Creativity isn't something Saloneans have latched onto. Mostly their art is copied from other African nations, but I'll make do. And try to find something cool for you! :)