October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween! In the spirit of one of my favorite holidays (which I am sadly not celebrating to its full potential this year, due to moving/packing and unexpected circumstances!), I am going to make a nice long 3-part post about it riiiight here.

#1) Creepy Chocolate Bunny Video from SanderPlug.com:

There is something about bunnies lately, with Fifi, and the Play-doh commercial, and now this. Maybe the slow, creepy, melting signifies the end of this bunny craze?

#2) My stepbrother, Justin, in all his glory:

He is the movie-theatre floor. As far as costumes go, I'm living vicariously through him this year. I'm loving it, Justin!

#3) An observation, or fun-fact about Halloween in my hometown (please tell me if you've witnessed this in other places – so far my investigations prove that this is only true in St. Louis):

In St. Louis, kids have to tell a joke to get their candy. The kids knock on the door, say "trick or treat," and the person at the door asks them for a joke before the kids get their candy. If the host has heard your joke already that night, sometimes they'll even ask for another. Usually after two repeat jokes, they give in and give you the candy anyway.

I know this doesn't exactly make sense, since the phrase is "trick or treat," (not "trick for treat") but for some reason, this is just the way it is. I guess STL kids are just as obedient as my golden retriever, politely obeying commands to earn her T-R-E-A-T. Does anyone know how this joke-tradition started, and why it's only in St. Louis?

And, lemme just say, before you bash this tradition, realize that a 4 year-old in a Tigger costume trying to tell you a joke is pretty much one of the cutest thing ever, so it really makes your night as the candy-giver. It's not so bad. In fact, I love it : )

That's all! Have a Happy Halloween! Go listen to the Monster Mash and Thriller on repeat!

1 comment:

rewired said...

That costume is SO Justin! One year he went as static cling!
I've lived other places and no one expects a joke or a song! I was disappointed! I love the the little guys telling a joke or riddle.
I don't know the origin of the trick or treat. I've just always gone along with it. I hope someone else finds it and posts it for all of us.