October 20, 2007

Baggu Reusable Shopping Bags

NOTCOT has a great little feature on these Baggu resusable shopping bags. The notcot editor had the opportunity to chat with the inventor, 24 year-old Parson's grad Emily Sugihara. She developed the idea with her mom (hey mom – I guess we were a little behind with our "brilliant idea," but hey, I think she should go ahead and try to market them at places like Target).

...Not that the idea of reusable shopping bags is new, but finally someone has come up with a series that is simple, beautiful, and folds up small. As notcot puts it, even a man can carry them without them being too purse-like.

Unfortunately they are a little on the pricey side (1 for $8, 3 for $22, 6 for $38), but when you think about how often you'll use them, how easily they pack away, how light they are, etc. it's really not so bad. Honor and respect that designer with a hot, environmentally-respectful idea : )

I think after I move I might buy myself a few. And you might have a few coming your way from me this Christmas. This year all of my gift-giving will be nice and Green. Might you do the same?

What are your thoughts? Would you spring that much for a shopping bag?

[images from notcot and the official baggu site]
[PS: notcot just did a roundup on reusable shopping bags here]


Scott Zero said...

I like that they are expensive. That way, you don't throw them away.

Sarah Erin said...

The mom says to check out the bag monster.

rewired said...

I'd buy a couple. I've been re-using my Trader Joe's bags for awhile now! I get entered into a drawing each week for a bag of groceries when I bring them in to re-use.
Now I need something for my other shopping errands. I like the colors!
The bag monster was scary! : (