September 8, 2007

St. Louis Art Fair

This weekend was the weekend of the oh-so-lovely St. Louis Art Fair (as well as the Schlafly art fair). It's safe to say that it's one of my favorite St. Louis events, right up there with fireworks under the arch, cardinals games, and christmas-time in tilles park.

My hands-down favorite artist at the art fair this year was painter Will Corr (that's his painting, above, from his website). I was actually familiar with his work before this art fair, because Peggy emailed me about his work after she saw him at last year's fair. I've had his site bookmarked since, and boy do I love his paintings even more in person.

His color palette is a wonderful, warm, inviting mix of yellows, browns, soft, muted blues, muddy greens and splashes of rusty red. He does various subjects, including many of the ocean, but my favorites – the ones that really call to me – are the open fields. It reminds me of driving cross country. And the midwest. Even though he lives in Florida.

There's also a certain simplicity that I'm really drawn to in his work. An elegant, yet still playful, simplicity.

I would really love to have one of his pieces in my living room some day. I'd use it as inspiration to decorate my future home : )

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