September 10, 2007


I'm looking for ways to liven up the long-distance relationship, and lemme tell ya, nothing is hotter than a game of online Scrabble. It emails me when it's my turn!
Oh baby. Thank you, Scrabulous.

I win! 271-219. I get to brag because I don't beat Scott at Scrabble very often. My favorite play of the game was turning Scott's "aged" into "tragedy." Woo Woo!

: )


Robyn said...

That's effing awesome! I'm doing it. Who wants to Scrabulous with me? My sister, I'm sure, would kick the pants off me...

speaking of, she reads your blog and loves your style. :)

Blessed said...

So glad the next...well actually...the next/next generation is so smart. And so glad that I can claim them. And turn to them when I need help!!!

Love ya, bigtime. BS&BH G. Peggy