September 3, 2007

Old Book Scans

I came across this lovely website, Liam's Pictures from Old Books. It's a library of images scanned from old books, downloadable (for free!) at pretty decent resolutions. You have to do a little searching to find the good stuff, but it's a great resource for design and even just to study looks from certain time periods. Everything is cataloged to perfection, though of course I always find myself wishing the library was even BIGGER! Naturally.

I'm a big fan of the yellow floral border (top left, I found it by doing keyword: border), and many of the pages with type.

It's a site worth bookmarking for future reference!


barefootliam said...

Thank you for featuring my Website! (I happened to do a blog search and found you'd mentioned it)

You have to do a little searching - I've recently added "popular images" (on the left of the main page) and I'm thinking of letting people add tags and also say which images they like. Although I already have a Comments feature and don't get many comments, so we'll see. The borders are actually very popular, but there's no specific one that ever gets onto the most popular list.

Don't worry, the library is growing every day :-) You can even subscribe to the RSS feed if you do such things.

Thanks again!


Manggy said...

God, I love these things. Thanks for the link and the feature.

Thanks to Liam too, of course!