September 22, 2007


Tomorrow is the first day of fall! Discovered these leaf lips on a Saturday morning stroll with the Mom. Pucker up!


Blessed said...

Love the leaf-lips...

The colors of the produce are so beautiful. I never cease to be amazed at them! What are the green and yellow ones?

We did have a fine time at the birthday party, didn't we? So glad to be able to be a part of these celebrations of life.

Marked down for lunch on Tuesday.
BS&BH Love Ya forever! G. Peggy

thanks to you and Scott for the vacation pictures...all in one place! great!

Sarah Erin said...

They yellow and green ones are squash blossoms. New to me, too.

See ya Tuesday.

Rachel Smucker said...

First day of fall! That made me sad a little... I'm going to miss the fall big time. All I've got is hot hot hot -- I put on 30+ SPF yesterday and laid out for an hour and a half and still got brown... and that's spring for ya.

Robyn said...

Oh, thank you! I needed a little smooch. It gets lonely out here...
: )

Thank you for letting me know it's fall. We're getting onto dry season here, which means no days under 30 Celsius. Love love love, but missing leaves and crisp October days is going to be tough! Keep those pictures coming.

LOVING the new site banner, too, by the way. You're cute.