September 19, 2007

Hooray for Hypoallergenic!

I can wear earrings again! Well, I could always wear gold ones.

I'm super duper allergic to nickel, and it is in pretty much every form of not-gold jewelry (or maybe that's just what I tell the men in my life, hehe). Most things that say they are nickel-free are some how lying. I always end up with gross, red, itchy, puffy, [I'll spare you more details] ear lobes. Even after only wearing them for five minutes! It's bad.

Howeverrrr, last week I was on a mission to find hypo-allergenic nickel-free earring fish hooks, and I finally found them for sale on Etsy – a package of 36 for $2.75. How lovely.

The test came today, after I used some handy dandy needle-nosed pliers to strip the original hooks off these earrings (pictured) and to put the new hooks on, and tried wearing them for a few hours.

No itch! Wahoo! I can wear cheap earrings again, but I'll still try to keep it classy : )


Blessed said...

Great picture...prettier everyday!

Great earrings....

Great idea....

Let's do lunch.

Suzanne said...

Yeah! I wish now that you had bought the pair you liked at the art fair!


Rachel Smucker said...

You look so cute in that picture! And you've got my interest peaked on Etsy :-)

Sarah Erin said...

Gramma Peggy, yes we must do lunch! I assume I'll see you Friday night, dinner at Dad & Peggy's? You're the busy one, what day do you wanna do lunch next week?

Suzanne, I know! Bummer! Although those were so unique I'm not sure the gold hooks I bought would look good on them.

Rachel, you're a sweetie! I miss you kids. And Etsy is fantastic... I'm buying all my gifts from there lately. I'll have to do a post on it soon. G'day, mate!

recycled android said...

hello, i dont know how i happened upon your blog. but i thought it was cool so i bookmarked it, anyways my sister has the same problem as you and i never thought to buy her hypoallergenic hooks, but congrats on wearing earrings!

Sarah Erin said...

Well thanks for reading my blog! Good luck to your sister – I think it's a very common allergy, unfortunately.