September 21, 2007

Do You Rememba

...the twenty-first night of Septemba?

I do. There was a delightful birthday celebration for Justin at Dad & Peggy's.
Happy Birthday (tomorrow), Justin!


rewired said...

Would you believe that was my favorite Earth, Wind and Fire song back in the '70's?? Then I had Justin only 34 minutes into the 22nd day of September! That's become a song that is still a favorite because it always reminds me of that 21st night of September in a far off land called Hawaii.

Plus, who could forget the awesome duet in Japan at karaoke!

You didn't know that song (date) was so significant to me didja??? : )


Sarah Erin said...

Oh yes I did know! I think of you every time I hear it. And I know it's Justin's ringtone for ya.

Haha I think everyone knows that song is special to you : )

See you tonight!