September 6, 2007

All Over the World

My UD friends are all over the world!

Bill's in England.
Rachel's in Australia.
Robyn's in Sierra Leone (West Africa).
Kiersten's in Spain.
Kelly's in Spain.
Courtney's in France.
Radley's leaving for Austria.

And of course, a few of us are still in the States.

How cool is that? UD's study abroad programs are freakin amazing! 60% study abroad once, 12% study abroad more than once. And really, I think those numbers represent the whole University, not just the students who are seniors. I'm willing to bet 80% of University of Delaware students have studied abroad by the time they graduate. I love my alma mater : )

I wish I had lots of money and could fly to visit them all this semester. For now, reading their travel blogs and emails will have to suffice. I had to get all old-fashioned sounding, but it's pretty darn cool that none of them feel that far away with things like instant messenger and Skype (free phone calls & video chat from online computer to online computer, anywhere in the world).

I sure do miss them, but it'll be so fun to visit everyone in the spring. Can't wait!

Robyn's a sweetheart and thought of me when she saw this St. Louis box o' sugar way out in Sierra Leone. Small world! Thanks Robyn!

[I sound like an advertisement for UD and for Skype, but I promise neither of them made me do it]


Scott Zero said...

Well as I chat with you on Skype, I would have to agree that it is pretty cool.

And so is UD, since I am here.

Our friends are cool.

Kiersten said...

Hahahaha, it´s sad that I don´t have a blog that you could turn ¨Kiersten´s in Spain¨into a link. Well, maybe not that sad.

Love and miss ya sarah!

Sarah Erin said...