August 10, 2007

Midwest Girl

On Monday I'm moving back to St. Louis, indefinitely. It's a 15 hour drive from Delaware to St. Louis, and my very favorite part is crossing the bridge from Illinois into downtown St. Louis at night. There's nothing quite like the arch welcoming you home. I took this picture a couple years ago from that spot, while driving home with Dad (so yup, that purple-y arc in the photo is the Arch, aka the Gateway to the West, 630 tall & 630 feet wide).

There's something in me that really loves St. Louis. The Arch, the Cardinals, Ted Drewe's, toasted ravioli, budweiser, the zoo, the city museum, Imo's, the loop, the central west end... I could go on. It just feels like home.

And of course, there's my family. I've learned that it is possible for me to live across the country and still keep in touch, but I can't wait to be a 10 minute drive from so many of them.

And I can't wait to eat lunch at St. Louis Bread Co. (*wink wink*).

Time to go drop a quarter of the stuff I've accumulated during college at Salvation Army. And to start saying goodbye (or "visit you soon!") to Delaware.


diverted said...

I clearly remember the moment that photo was taken. We had driven through quite a long rainstorm that cleared just before we crossed the Mississippi. Sounds like some deep soulful emotions are rising as you prepare to move open the next chapter. My phone is always on.

Blessed said...

My darling G. Daughter Sarah:

If I could, I would be standing on that bridge with a big "Welcome Home, Sarah" sign!

But I don't think they will let me do that; so I will wait until I get to see you face to face, and will greet you with a big hug.

It's amazing how St. Louis feels like home to me. I, of course, was born in Cape Girardeau in 1934...lived there all of my life except for two years in Indiana, and about the only good thing about that sojourn was the arrival of Curtis in Sept. of '60. : )

I am so very happy here, and being close to family is #1 on my list also.

Will be looking forward to seeing you soon......

Christopher said...

Welcome home soon Sarah! Don't go to Ted Drewes without me.

Suzanne said...

I am looking forward to seeing you more too! And can I come along for a Ted Drewes trip with you and your brother?!