August 30, 2007

Live at Red Rocks

I would love-love-love to go to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre some day.

The website reads:

"Nestled in the Rocky Mountain Foothills fifteen miles west of Denver, there stands a symbol of nature's unparalleled majesty. Red Rocks is a geologically formed, open-air Amphitheatre that is not duplicated anywhere in the world. With Mother Nature as the architect, the design of the Amphitheatre consists of two,three hundred-foot monoliths (Ship Rock and Creation Rock) that provide acoustic perfection for any performance.

The area of Red Rocks, originally known as the Garden of Angels, has attracted the attention of musical performers since before the turn of the century. The majestic setting of the Amphitheatre, along with the panoramic view of Denver, makes for a breathtaking scene." Mmm!

Doesn't that sound amazing? Can you imagine a Muse concert there (September 18th?)? Or Radiohead or Sigur Ros? Or Stars? Drool.

[images from
Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre website]