August 1, 2007

Eyes & Venus Flytraps

It dawned on me: eyes are like venus flytraps.

[First image lifted from Getty]
[Second image model credit: Scott Zero aka Lashes]


Blessed said...

I really believe that there is something terribly amiss in the universe when fellas have lashes like that....and if being described by mine, I would be called "stubby" :(

Yes, Curt, Brad and I have some plans for AZ. One of them is a train ride through the mountains, and I think it is probably going to happen on Sunday afternoon. Your Aunt Debi has indicated interest in this also.

We 3 are going to do an extended visit to the Grand Canyon...Monday thru Wednesday. South and North rims.

Of course, hiking is high on the list of many, I think.

Soooo glad you both are going to be there. Your Uncle Mark was right on with regard to your presence effecting the fun meter for all of us!.

IMAZERO said...

OMG! That's Lashes? Yikes!

Zac said...

This visual idea was used in the MTV Anime "Aeon Flux":

Just reading through your blog, very cool =)