August 7, 2007

Design Blog

I've been thinking about starting a design blog. I would post the current projects in my portfolio, new ideas, work in progress, and hopefully get some feedback on everything. Of course, I could just post all of that on here so it's all in one place, but I have a feeling it would overwhelm the randomness of this one.

It would be different from a web portfolio, because those aren't really meant for feedback or much online discussion, brainstorming, and ideas. Eventually I do need to have a web portfolio.

Lastly, should I be concerned about intellectual property being copied off of me? You can make a blog private (I would choose what viewers could log in), but that's no fun.

Thoughts? Would you be interested?


Robyn said...

i would most definitely be interested! and i would check it, and i wouldn't steal your stuff, but in the future i'd say you should be concerned with that. maybe even right now. you got talent, lady, and someone without it might decide to rip you off. who knows.

on a selfish side note, i've ALWAYS wanted a print of your "make beats not war" poster. it's by far my favorite, for many reasons, even if you don't think it's your best. i want it to hang on my wall for the rest of my life.

sooooooo can i have one? maybe even with you're soon-to-be-famous autograph? pretty please?


Scott Zero said...

I would really like to see it, of course. Especially since I won't be able to help you with your homework once you get a real job. : )

I would look into copyrighting stuff before you post, and then putting a disclaimer somewhere on the page.

Sarah Erin said...

Robyn: Totally flattered that you want one of my posters. My super-good-friend discount for a large original silkscreen print is $25. Special price for you.

I hate charging good friends/family, but it's a rule I made for myself when I graduated that I can't keep giving my money-makers away for free. Shake yo money maker.

Scott: Who are you, and why do you keep commenting on my blog?

Haha. I'm so funny. Good advice, I'll look into it. Thankssss.