August 14, 2007

Cross Country

The drive north on 896 from UD to Lancaster is absolutely beautiful.

...and in case you weren't sure:

"No reentry" in Lover?

West Virginia. Rolling hills of giant broccoli.


Who knew you could drive to London from Delaware?

Indiana. You can start to see the bugs on my windshield here:

Illinois. I had a thing for telephone poles, which is good, because there were many.

First glimpse of the arch, from Illinois.

Crossing the Mississippi, hello St. Louis!

The drive was long, but great. 7am eastern to 7:15pm central. Home sweet home.

Nothing like a long drive to make you feel like you are going someplace new.


Robyn said...

okay. i'm not gonna lie. this post made me a little bit needlessly emotional. looking at your pictures re-entering st louis made me start thinking about all the crazy changes our lives are going to take in the next 6 months. i'm so excited, but whoa!

Sarah Erin said...

I think every single one of us is overwhelmed about the next six months. But hey, it's certainly better than being bored by them!

And just think, we're going to have so much to blog, errr, talk about.

Blessed said...

Loved the travelogue.

So glad you are home.

Could actually feel the emotion in the farewell to UD. It's understandable. So much taking place in the last four years of your life.

The future may seem a bit scary...but you are won't be boring.

You have worked hard to prepare for it and I pray that the days ahead will put you on the path to "success" in the very best meaning of the word.

I'm proud of you....see you soon.

IMAZERO said...

I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you before you went home to St. Louis.Glad you arrived safe and sound.
Remember: All things are as they need to be.
Enjoy your vacation!