August 28, 2007

Creepy Art

Suzanne kindly thought to send this to me yesterday when someone told her about these creepy sculptures by Ron Mueck (thanks Suzanne!):

Mueck is a London-based photo/hyper realist. Unlike other artists, who usually use latex for this type of sculpture, Mueck works with fiberglass resin to create these unusually large sized sculptures of people. He had a show at the Brooklyn museum last year – while I was in New York. Bummer I missed it! These things must be amazing to see up close. And probably quite eerie and disturbing, as well. Especially this baby:

I couldn't find an official site for Mueck, but you can see many more images of his work here and here. [The images I posted here came from email, source unknown].


rewired said...

I really like this artwork! It is kind of creepy but I want to keep looking at it!
I love sculptures of human heads and especially faces.
This would be an artist's work I would love to see close up!
Thanks for spreading the "creepy art"!

rebecca said...

I actually jumped a bit when your blog opened. Thanks for scaring me early in the morning! Oy.

It is pretty cool though.

diverted said...

that top photo of the woman having her hair that an arm, a butt crack or a breast? or all three?

Sarah Erin said...

Hhaha, you goof. It's her arm/elbow, which is folded up, so you are seeing the crack between her bicep and forearm.