August 9, 2007

Cameo Brooch

Grandma Peggy gave me this beautiful brooch as part of my graduation present. I know the rules – I'm only allowed to get passed-down jewelry if I remember the story behind it (or at least who it belonged to originally). I never got the story on this one, Grandma, so you've gotta fill me in : )

I think the history of my favorite heirloom costume jewelry will be a new category here. It's nice to have the photographs of everything, I don't want to forget any of the stories!

PS For all those following along, I didn't get the job at Discovery Channel, so I will, in fact, be home in St. Louis within the next week. Looking forward to being close to family! And hopefully I'll get myself home in time for AZ!


Blessed said...

Dear, dear Granddaughter:

The brooch belonged to your Great Grandmother Gladys.

As you know, she was a classy lady, and wore classic clothes, shoes, jewelry etc (No "trendy" stuff for her!)

About the only fashion craze she ever fell prey to was the constant changing of hemlines. She kept the needle and thread handy so that each season when the current one (inches from the floor) was solidly in place, she would stitch her hemlines up or down.

So glad that in this day and age..anything goes...although I do think that sometimes they go a little too far (up, that is : ) )

Well, I digress:

She really loved brooches, and I inherited many. I'm not certain of the detailed history of this one, I simply thought it was the one that looked most like something you would appreciate...and wear!

Is there anything on the back? My short-term memory is not too good these days, but it seems as if when I was preparing to send it to you, I noticed something on the back.

"France" seems to come to mind, but then that mind it's coming to can't always be relied on. Anyway, check it out and let me know.

I do know that when Mom and True traveled, a piece of jewelry was usually what she brought home as a memory.

I, too, hope you will be home in time for AZ. I've asked your Uncle Mark, who is traveling out a few days before all of us, to please turn the thermostat down a few degrees before we arrive.

Be safe and Be happy...even in spite of jobs that didn't come through.

I remain, very truly yours, G. Peggy

Robyn said...

Your grandmother's awesome. I love her writing style. And her comments.

My gramma is also awesome, but she's never even used a computer, let alone owned one or kept a blog.

Keep me posted, lady. I'll miss you, and plan on coming to StL. at some point next year after I return to the States.