August 13, 2007

ByeBye Delaware

Yesterday I decided to take one last stroll around UD before officially not living there any more. There's something wonderful about taking walks by yourself. I started to get kind of sad, because it really hadn't kicked in yet that this was it for me & Delaware. I guess when I get sad, I start walking with my head down, because then I saw this (which I'd never seen before):

...and I cannot even justly describe the kind of smile that brick evoked from me. One of those laugh-through-my-tears kinda smiles. How could you NOT smile back? I couldn't help but wonder what somebody in the factory was thinking when they made a smiley brick, and whether or not they envisioned me having my own little epiphany upon seeing it. Everything is gonna be alright.

And what's even better is that some brave soul decided to place that brick face-up. Perfect.

I probably looked pretty goofy standing there, tearing up and laughing at a brick.

...And that's when I squatted to take pictures.

Good luck finding it in the land of brick pathways! Don't bother asking me where it is : ) You might find it when you most need it.

Anyway, had to get the classic campus shot of Memorial, too:

And in case this post is too serious / sentimental / nostalgic for anyone, please take note of how this tree stub from the grove area by Alison Hall looks like a boob:

Tee hee. (And ouch?)

Made it home to St. Louis safely today, in a record 13 hours. I risked my life a few times to take pictures while driving. I'll share that tomorrow.



diverted said...

One last walk...a good way to end your life at UDel. It reminds me...

My most vivid memories of college at Mizzou involve walking alone on campus.

I was in journalism school, and worked in the newsroom at KBIA radio one semester. I had the 5:30am Sunday morning shift (I guess my on-air voice was so bad they wanted to put me on when nobody was listening). I have strong memories of walking from my apartment, across the quadrangle, by the columns with the sun just coming up and dew on the grass, not a sole in site...going to the radio station. What is it about the air, the sunrise, the dew, the silence that creates such a powerful and soulful recollection? I wonder if your last walk will stick with you like that did with me?

Kiersten said...

Your smiling brick almost made me cry.

And yes, I have been needlessly emotional lately, but your posts the last couple of days have been great. I'm glad you made it home safely and I'm excited to hear about what you'll be doing. Miss you! (edit: LYLAS!!!!)

Robyn said...

kiersten is a bit needlessly emotional because that brick just made me giggle out loud and i'm in a room alone. that doesn't happen often.

i can't wait to look for it, but i probably will never find it. that's one of the greatest "it's going to be okay" signs i've ever seen.

keep in touch, lovey!!!

Sarah Erin said...

Daddio: I have to agree with you that those alone-walks really stick in my memory like nothing else. I don't think I'll ever forget looking down and seeing that smiling brick at the perfect moment. I feel like I should take more alone time. More alone walks. Embrace the alone without being lonely. We've talked about that one before.

Kiersten: Aww, it's not meant for crying. Thanks for the comment and I miss you too! You better start that blog already, I want to hear about your adventures abroad.

Robyn: That's the perfect description of what it was. An "it's going to be okay" sign. Nothing anyone could have said at that moment would have made me smile like I did when I saw that smiling brick.

Ah, I'm going to miss you UD kids a lot. Don't you go forgetting about me, or treating me like I'm an adult, please. Thanks. And as the brick would say.... : )

Kiersten said...

I know, crying wasn't necessary, but the smiley brick was so amazingly appropriate I had to have some sort of emotional reaction.

Annnnd, I tried to start a blog, but it was boring/dull/uninteresting etc. etc. I don't think I'm cut out for it.

Courtney said...

the smiley brick made me emotional too. i'm gonna miss old delaware and everyone until feb (and you are not even going to be there in feb! ahhh!)! i am not liking this change.

Scott Zero said...

I found it. I win!