August 19, 2007

Arizona/Utah: Lake Powell

Yup. It's real. Absolutely stunning Lake Powell. We crammed a bunch of the good stuff into the first weekend of the trip because Justin was able to join us from LA for a couple days. We drove a gorgeous 2.5-hour trip to the Utah/Arizona border and rented a boat on Lake Powell for the day. It's also known as the houseboat capital of the world – and it's easy to see why.

The water was the most perfect refreshing temperature for swimming. We dove right in. This cove might not look that big, but we guessed it's about .75 miles wide. It was all to ourselves, because the lake is ginormous.

So then a few of us tested out the waters for tubing. Bliss.


Me, just before falling off! I felt that one for three days in my shoulders...

Apparently the water level is way low (Kiersten told me so). We were wondering if the water usually rises to that obvious color change in the rocks. At some points that line was at least 30 yards higher than the current water level – could it really normally be that high? If so, we're lucky, because the walls were even more magnificent the higher they were. Truly impressive.


diverted said...

Great pix. Uh, I noticed a little "doctoring," I think. Some blurry corners and backgrounds just don't look like they happened in the camera. Is there a new design ethic that has evolved since the old road trip "doctoring" days?

Sarah Erin said...

Haha, ya got me. I was afraid I may have blurred and darkened the corners a bit too much. I've been doing it for years now, and you have yet to notice until now?

Maybe I went a little too heavy on it.

But I'm still a stickler for keeping things the way I saw them. I'm not too big on photoshopping out lightposts. I might opt to try to lift the parking sign out of the ground (wink, wink). Or just leave it in, because that's the way it was.