August 21, 2007

Arizona: Meteor Crater

50,000 years ago, a meteor went kapow! in Arizona. It's a good thing we weren't around. It shocked the world, and left a mighty big hole in northern AZ. And it gave us something fun and interesting to do on Tuesday. Good find, Scott!

The tourguide (who was very rude to the French Polynesians because she'd never heard of French Polynesia) insisted on taking family portraits. We're very centered. It's a great, goofy family portrait, though.

And I noticed they used the typeface Impact on all of their brochures. It was hideous and hard to read as body text, but it made me laugh despite my sometimes type-snobbiness. : ) Hey man, I think my wordplay humor might always prevail over my design snobbery.

...But then again, I would never, ever use Impact. Or Papyrus. Or Comic Sans.

I can find another way for wordplay. That's a promise.

1 comment:

Robyn said...

hehe. crater. impact. do you think they actually did that on purpose?