August 22, 2007

Arizona: Geronimo Springs

Went for a four-hour hike at Geronimo Springs. Boy, was it a toughie. We agreed that the pot o' gold at the end of the trail wasn't quite as big as we'd hoped (the view wasn't spectacular – perhaps we were jaded), but it was a good workout for all of us, and we saw several horny toads (above, photo by Dad & Scott) and a huge elk with giant antlers.

This is my favorite photo of the day, taken by Dad:

After the hard hike, Scott made puttanesca for my hungry, hungry family. Whatta guy.


Scott Zero said...

The horny toads were friendlier than you would think.

And I agree with your photo selection.

Kiersten said...

I, for one, love horny toads. There were babies all in the hills by my house this summer and they were so cute! I wish I had big hunkers like the ones you saw though!

Robyn said...

do horny toads have a particularly extravagant number of babies... because well... they're horny?

you know?