August 18, 2007

Arizona: Bell Rock @ Sedona

No time to waste! Woke up early Saturday to drive to Sedona (30 minutes from Flagstaff), and hiked up Bell Rock. Bell Rock supposedly looks like a bell. Everyone saw the resemblance except for Uncle Mark and me. I mean, I could kinnnnd of see it, but it was a stretch, my friends. It was certainly gorgeous, regardless!

Scott and I at the base (yay for my fun wide-angle fisheye camera!):

Justin (left, red) & Scott (far right) at the top:
Dad, Peggy, Uncle Curt & I made it to the top, too, just a little slower.

And lastly, a picture of my three uncles + grandma + dad:

The whole Arizona trip is a kind of family reunion on my dad's side. So much fun!
Shockingly, the color coordination that day was not intentional.

[Sidenote: I find the @ in Georgia (the typeface) to be quite beautiful, don't you?]

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