August 11, 2007

875.32 Miles

A lot of people think St. Louis is way far south of Delaware, yet every time I really look at a map, even I am surprised at how parallel they seem to be. Planning to leave at 7am Monday. The car is mostly packed!

[Annnd obviously (and unfortunately) the drive is not a straight diagonal line. I'll be driving through Columbus & Indianapolis.]


rewired said...

Ola Sarah from Mexico!!!
I just read your last two days of blogging. Oh, how every emotion rises to the top when a change is taking place!
Coming back to StL will be very different for you this time, don't you think??
I'm looking forward to seeing you and just hanging out with no timetable for either of us to squeeze in a visit or a shopping day!
We can go to P2's house for iced tea and Amaghetti salads, yum!
I'm having fun south of the border. I'll be home on Wednesday just in time to leave on Friday for Flagstaff!!
Be safe and careful on your drive back to StL. Are you traveling alone?

diverted said...

SEE YOU SOON! It will be great to have you home!

Blessed said...

I can remember one time a long time ago when I was already married and had four children and had a little part-time job that incurred some travel to neighboring communities, I was going to have to go to Marble Hill....all the way over into the next county!

Your Great-great Grandmother Holmes was worrying herself silly, for as she said, "You're just too little to be making that trip alone"!

Kind of the way I feel when I look at that long, red line over almost half of the United States.

Please Be Safe and Be Happy.