July 6, 2007

You Have the Power

Fantastic commercial about taking action against global warming. Powerful.

Really makes you see what we're doing to ourselves. I saw this last night on (bleh) Larry King (bleh), because Al Gore was being interviewed. That man is changing the way people think. And eventually, I hope, saving the world.

Calculate your impact on global warming here. I scored a 5.2, less than average, but my calculator was probably skewed because the house question doesn't really apply to me exactly.

Here are some simple ideas for how to help:
-Change a light bulb to a fluorescent bulb
-Drive less
-Recycle more
-Check your tires
-Use less hot water
-Avoid products with a lot of packaging
-Adjust your thermostat
-Plant a tree
-Turn off electronic devices

My conscious efforts: I've chosen to walk the mile to work every day this summer, even though I bought a parking permit and can park anywhere on campus. I schedule my workouts & showers so that I only shower once a day (saves hot water). I wash all of my clothes in cold water, except for the very occasional load of whites only. I let a load's worth of my clothes dry naturally, instead of the dryer. I started turning my computer off every night instead of leaving it on for no reason.

What I should start doing: Recycle (thanks Erica, for being such a stickler this past year), turn the AC down (Robyn says, "wearing a sweatshirt inside during the summer is stupid"), get a bike (my mom has one waiting for me at home in St. Louis!).

What do you do to neutralize your carbon emissions?

Also, if you haven't seen An Inconvenient Truth yet, I recommend it!


diverted said...

i must say, quite a powerful tv spot. i'm glad you are involved.

Sarah Erin said...

Trying to be. Of course, we could all be even more involved.

There is an American version of this commercial, with Tommy Lee Jones' voice. And, fun fact: Tommy Lee & Al Gore were roomies at Harvard.