July 12, 2007

Wishlist: ShaDo

So this is a ceiling/wall light & the shadow it casts on the ceiling. How awesome is that? Only that little circle in the middle is the light. This art deco one is my favorite, but there are many others here. Thank you, NOTCOT.

Is my blog really just a NOTCOT regurgitation? Anyone?


Blessed said...

It's working today!!!

Hope this continues.

Yes, it's awesome! I love shadows on the wall, the ceiling etc. Have tried more than once to capture with my camera, but never too much luck.

Such beauty all around us. So glad you have that wonderful eye to see it! This gift will enhance your life, and the life of those you share it with. Love Ya, Big Time!

Sarah Erin said...

Wahoo! Sometimes computers are weird like that, huh? I love how computer-savvy you are, you know, I brag on my grandma a lot : )

Can't wait to see you in August - I'm definitely coming to Flagstaff!

gregory said...

a NOTCOT regurgitation...not at all. I thoroughly enjoy seeing which NOTCOT post stands out for you. Keep it up!