July 31, 2007

Wants for Sale

Okay, it's too cool, I have to post it, even though I've already seen it here and a few other places. All the creative buzz right now online is about this young couple in New York who came up with a brilliant idea to get what they want. They made a wishlist, painted each item on the list, and are now selling each painting for the exact cost of each item. For example, they want an iPhone, so the painting of the iPhone costs $649.17. Expensive. But the buffalo chicken wings, on the other hand, are only $12.70. Too bad that's already been bought. How much was the sleep painting? Free.

The website is called Wants for Sale.

They do accept trades instead of $, but only for the exact item painted. Also, they are asking their audience what they want, and if the couple wants it too, they might just paint it.

Smart, huh? If you dig a little deeper, you'll notice that they have another website where they sell clear plastic cubes full of carefully arranged NYC garbage (yes, trash off the street) for $10 each.

I'm not sure I'd be ok with selling people garbage, but darnit, why can't I think of this stuff?


Ladybird said...

I was checking out your blog and your profile and noticed that you have listed as your favorite book that same one that my niece Amanda just recommended for me to read. It must be a sign. I better go request it right now from the library.
Aunt Sharon

Blessed said...

Now that IS cool!

Like the prints.

I checked out the garbage cubes. I think that is so fascinating. If I had the right kind of house...(style and size), I would actually buy one of those!

Wonder how long it would take to export all of New York's trash? :)

And yes, wouldn't it be nice to be able to think up such profitable ideas? (Maybe St. Louis trash! - souvenirs from The Arch etc, Ted Drews etc.)

Maybe a person could just collect a little trash from everywhere they visit....put in cubes and have as souvenirs all lined up on a bookshelf or wall shelf or something. Wouldn't that be neat! Might beat buying a T-shirt!

Sarah Erin said...

Sharon - it's a funny book! I like the short story format, too. Definitely a good summer read.

G.Peggy - Glad you agree! There's something really great about the simplicity of the idea and the paintings themselves. I really do want one, but I have a feeling that as soon as they post more inexpensive ones that they'll get snapped up in a hurry. And as for the trash, I could see myself buying one simply to reward the artist's wit. You know, to be part of a great artist's genius. But, like you said, it wouldn't really fit my [non-existent] decor. As always, thanks for the thoughtful comments!

A said...

Only in New York! Wish I'd thought of it. :-(