July 28, 2007

Vase Envy

I keep coming across all of these lovely vases. I can't wait to have my own place where I'll actually live for more than a year at a time. Saw these on NOTCOT a while ago, which I'm sure are insanely expensive. Lucky for me, someone posted a $3.95 version from CB2 in the comments section. I snapped it up and sent three to Becca for her birthday (see her blog for pics!).

Then today, again on NOTCOT, I kinda fell in love with the olive one here:

...because I have $72 to spend on a bud vase. Nobody posted a $3.95 version on this one. Sad. Hey man, I can ogle. By the way, I'd take the orange one too. That lily looks lovely. Wink wink.

1 comment:

Blessed said...

The bud vases are magnificient. There is truly great beauty in a single flower. Placing it alone in one of these works of art only enhances that beauty.

Dreaming of Az. Who knows, might even get to see you before we take off for this adventure out west.