July 29, 2007

Thank You, Trader Joe's

Helloooo Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate & Roasted Pistachio Toffee.

As good as it sounds. As good as it looks. Thank you, Trader Joe's, for satisfying those of us who know dark chocolate is soooo much better than milk chocolate. Yummy.


Greg said...

pistachios+dark chocolate+trader joes...three of my favorites. nice photos!

Blessed said...

Oh my...that does look delicious. Going to look for it next time I get to Trader Joe's.

Jerry said...

I love Trader joes! I wish we had them in Texas!

Robyn said...

They totally taste better than they look (although your pictures do them all the justice that can be given). Thanks for all the treats! I want gelato pictures!

...And sorry you didn't get to see much of him. I wanted you to get to know each other. I wasn't hiding him, although he is fun to have all to myself. We were just Friday night lame-os.

Hillary said...

You said it - dark chocolate IS WAY BETTER than milk chocolate. I've always felt this way as soon as dark chocolate came into my life :) And this toffee - wow, I've been a fan of English toffee for awhile but this looks even better! Thanks for the delicious craving-inducing photos.