July 8, 2007

Simply Beautiful

There's something extraordinarily elegant about the natural simplicity of the prints at HunterGatherer.net. Loving these tree rings:


Grandma Peggy said...

[Grandma Peggy emailed me this comment because her comment posting isn't working. And, of course, I want everyone to see that my grandma loves me]

Dear Beloved Granddaughter:

I really enjoy each entry.

And, I just wanted to ask you for the pie recipe. (Crust and all) I remember your mom's pies and your assessment of them is absolutely correct!!!

But the main reason for this epistle is to comment on Sunday's entry.

"Simply Beautiful" says it all.

It looks so very much like a finger (thumb) print.

Perhaps that is because they were both created by the same Artist.

Gives me goosebumps to think of His pattern in everything....

Be safe and be happy. Love, G Peggy

Sarah Erin said...

I'm glad you love that tree ring print as much as I do. It really is miraculous that these patterns appear everywhere. You can't help but think about a greater power being involved with the creation of it all : ) A wonderful artist, indeed!