July 14, 2007

Sidewalk Saturday

Today there was a Sidewalk Chalk Contest and BeerFest on Main Street. I love that Delaware is so cute and quaint. Smucker visited from NY for the weekend, so the five of us (Smucker, Bill, Robyn, Scott & I) walked around Main Street again and again. Roving musicians, kid-art, free beer, fountain splashing & pho dinner? Bliss.

Which one's your favorite?

We walked around in the fountain on the South Mall for at least half an hour and nobody kicked us out! We might have to try again. With flotation devices.


Blessed said...

Enjoying your blog. I check it everyday...sometimes more than once.

Saturday sounded like "bliss" indeed.

thought all the chalk art was great. The last one was very intricate and must have taken a great deal of time. However, I did enjoy the whimsical mermaid...

Anonymous said...

I like the last one too.
A mandala? a symbol of the self, the soul, going to the center....
finding bliss!