July 22, 2007

New Hampshire Weekend

This weekend, Courtney invited a bunch of us up to her house in Exeter, New Hampshire. So much fun! Picture: Court, Kelly, Kiersten, Scott, Robyn & I ...looking like a lobster.

Drove up Thursday night. Friday we went shopping in Portsmouth, puppy playing, and beachin. Saturday we went to the town's revolutionary war festival (so funny to see all these people dressed up in revolutionary garb - not in my town, lobsterbacks!), to the beach again, then her family fixed a glorious dinner with lobster, steaktips, margaritas & more.

Then fireworks, backyard bonfire, s'mores. And long-exposure flashlight pics.
(Just like dad taught me in his living room about 10 years ago.)

^ me

^ my s'more

^ Scott, being mathy

^ my awkward smiley

Thanks, Courtney, for an awesome weekend! Everyone had so much fun : )

And thanks for making fun of my blog so much. Every time I took a picture, Kiersten and Courtney asked me, "You gonna blog that?" Yup.


Blessed said...

My darling Granddaughter:

Three days at a time.. I DO need to know how to do this!

The new, improved parking ticket is MUCH better, and I would suspect probably more effective. Good job!

I truly believe you described in word and pictures, "The Perfect Weekend"..

Scott does look really happy surrounded by all those beauties. Glad to see the plug for hometown landmark.

When Carolyn was here a weekend ago, we too had some fine dining experiences....ending with Sunday dinner after church at TED DREWS!

Rushed home with our scrumpcious choices and sat on my front porch and savored every spoonful. Decided that any time she comes, this "restaurant" will be on the agenda for at least one meal!

I am soooo happy that you are having so many wonderful times. And so happy you have so many wonderful friends. And so happy that I know you are a wonderful friend to each of them.

Counting the days to Arizona!

Be safe and be happy. XOXOXO G. Peggy

Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounded very fun. These are the days to remember! I'm singing the song as I type! You should feel happy that you can't hear me! : )

Scott must have felt special with all the gorgeous women surrounding him!

Repeat after me...I don't really want a puppy, I don't really want a puppy, I don't really want a puppy. Did that work??? No?

Well, I know that Trooper and Murphy are gonna be happy to see you in August. Think of them as big giant puppies!

Sarah Erin said...

I still want a puppy. But, you are right about looking forward to being around Trouper & Murph! And the rest of the fam, too, I guessssss.