July 11, 2007

7-11 on 7/11

OK it's only appropriate that I finally post about the 7-11/Simpsons phenomenon on July 11 (aka 7/11). Sorry this post is a bit delayed - I hope you all got your free slurpees. They give 'em out free on the 11th. Only this time, they are called Squishees.

You've likely already heard the hype, but for the month of July, 7-11 joined in with the Simpsons movie makers and converted 12 (I believe?) 7-11's to KwikEMarts. The rest of the 7-11's in the country also carry some familiar Simpson's products. Buzz Cola, KrustyO's, Donuts...

I made my way to a regular 7-11 yesterday for a free Squishee & a box of these KrustyO's. My plan is to save them for my brother (Chris) - a pretty big Simpsons fan.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the KwikEMarts, taken at the Burbank, CA store:

You can find many more pictures here. (By the way, I didn't take any of these photos, nor did I make it to one of the official KwikEMarts - the nearest one is an hour away).

And while I'm at it, might as well mention that there was a competition among all the cities of Springfield in the US to create a "simpsons video." The winning Springfield gets to host the movie premiere. Watch the videos here.

I'm not a huge Simpsons fan, but I am loving this marketing. The only criticism I have is that they really should've made Duff Beer.

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