July 26, 2007

Have Your Cake

The Chocolate Cake Shot. My favorite. A delicious, hard-to-believe surprise of tasty chocolate cake, where no cake and no chocolate can be found. Indulge.

- 1 part vanilla vodka (Smirnoff works fine)
- 1 part hazelnut liqueur (I think Frangelico is key)
- 1 sugar-coated lemon slice

Have the shot, suck the lemon. You'll experience the cake when you get to the lemon. Why it tastes like chocolate cake? We'll never know. It's so good it doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

perhaps some nerdy chemical engineer can explain why it tastes like chocolate cake.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The chocolate cake shot! I had one of these a long time ago and could never remember what was in it. (Maybe I had one too many??) Thanks! Tastes exactly like cold chocolate cake....

martha c

Anonymous said...


I just happen to live with a nerdy chemical engineer who is allergic to chocolate.

I'll see what she thinks though.

Hillary said...

This reminds me of an "incident" I had a couple months ago where my friend's boyfriend bought a bunch of us chocolate cake shots. I hadn't had one before so seeing the almost clear color and lemon made me think he was playing a joke, and it was really a Three Wisemen or something. Somehow believing him, I tried it and didn't suck the lemon right away. My tongue was so confused! Was this chocolate cake? Not quite, but what the hell was it??

Thanks for finally solving my mystery!

Shawn said...

I have vanilla vodka. I have Frangelico. I have lemon.

I think I know what I'm going to do tonight!